Health Care

Expanding Affordable Health Care

Health care costs, prescription drug costs, and insurance premiums continue to skyrocket. These unjustifiable costs are not victimless – they are causing Americans to die. 34 million Americans report that they have a friend or family member who has died because they could not afford health care.

I will always support legislation that expands access to affordable health care for more people. I have worked to ensure that healthcare is affordable, accessible, and equitable. Most recently, I voted to lower health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare For All

I am a cosponsor of Medicare for All as the proposal that will provide the most affordable, equitable health care to all Americans. Additionally, I have supported proposals that make incremental improvements toward that goal.

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Since entering Congress, I have forcefully advocated to lower prescription costs for all Americans. I voted for legislation which banned the practice of surprise billing and supported legislation to cap insulin costs for all Americans at $35. Most recently, I voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, historic legislation which allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies, caps annual Medicare Part D out of pocket costs at $2,000, and caps Medicare covered insulin costs at $35 a month. The bill also penalizes manufacturers who raise prescription drug prices faster than the rate of inflation. These changes will dramatically lower the cost of prescription drugs for millions of Medicare recipients.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

I have supported numerous proposals to provide emergency responders with Naloxone, provide grants to states for medical and mental health services, and provide trauma informed care to students. I will continue to support urgently needed funding and programs to ensure Connecticut has the resources to fight this public health crisis.

Expanding Access to Mental Health Services

Ensuring all Americans have ease of access to affordable mental health is woven throughout all the work I do in Congress. I have introduced legislation to increase mental health services in schools, and have supported legislation to increase investment in community mental health services.