no one behind

Jahana is fighting to make sure every voice from Connecticut’s 5th district is heard. With everyone involved in the conversation, a brighter future is possible.

Leaving no one behind.

Imagine a future where everyone has healthcare, where no American goes hungry, where every child has access to an excellent public education, and where there is true equity in our society.

This is the future that Jahana is fighting to create.

Meet Jahana.

Jahana Hayes is a community advocate, nationally-recognized educator, and problem solver. Having overcome poverty, homelessness, and teenage motherhood, she understands why so many people feel left out of the conversation. But teaching showed her the potential within everyone—that’s why she believes that if Congress reflects the community, anything is possible.

Through service, Jahana unleashed the power within herself and within her students. That is why she believes everyone has something to offer and why she believes Congress should reflect all of us.

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Our voice in Washington.

When it comes to solving problems in Congress, Jahana’s lived experiences and those of her communities shape every decision she makes.

Jahana knows a better future is possible when all voices are part of the conversation.

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